PK’s Creamy Potato Mash

I am afraid that I am of the firm belief that you can have tasty mashed potato or healthy mashed potato but not both. Luckily for me my stomach and brain both like the tasty option :).

The not so secret key to a good mash is in just under cooking the potatoes (in salty water) and then adding copious quantities of butter and a dash of milk. If I want to add a bit of variety I will also add some parsnip and or carrot to the boiling water too.

My personal guilty vice is cheese so in goes a handful of cheese too.

Prep your favourite potatoes:

Boil them in water until just underdone (more than parboiled but not soggy):


Drain, making sure you remove most of the water and then add butter and milk:


Give the whole lot a good mashing in the same saucepan:


Take a large spoonful and eat it in the name of taste testing šŸ™‚

I love a good mash with something slow-cooked and saucy:



Hope you like it,


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