PK’s No Recipe Pizza Warmers

Winter is trying to get back at Perth at the moment and although the sun is out, we are getting cold winds and rain. This makes for chilly evenings, so my family fought back with these really easy pizzas.


  1. Make or buy your pizza bases (I did the latter).
  2. Make or buy pizza sauce (I did the former with some reduced tomato pasata and Italian herbs from the garden.
  3. Spread the sauce over the pizza bases.
  4. Layer your pizza with your favourite toppings. My secret is to put any leafy greens on top of the sauce but under the cheese. It stops them drying out but you didn’t hear it from me :).
  5. Whack them in the oven on ~180°C for about 15 minutes or until golden brown.





2 thoughts

  1. PK, another tip for pizzas is to put your fresh herbs or leafy greens on after the pizza is cooked, the heat from the pizza warms the greens and helps release the aroma from the greens. This way they don’t dry out and you get more flavour. This is usually done with basil or rocket.

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