PK’s First Worm Farm Tray Change

Today I harvested my first lot of worm castings from my worm farm. It took about 6 months for this first batch but now the farm is cranking along. Even with all the vegetable waste the kitchen garden makes and scraps from the kitchen, I am only just keeping up with their appetite.

Just look at how many worms are exposed just turning over one small section of the active tray:

I had expected a lot fewer worms to be in the bottom tray as there is no food in there but I have read that they are mad keen explorers so I assume that is why.

The casings feel so earthy and rich with absolutely no smell of decomposition. I can’t wait to work it into my vegetable beds. Oh and a scoop for each of the pot plants too.

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If you don’t have a worm farm what are you waiting for :),



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3 comments on “PK’s First Worm Farm Tray Change”
  1. Jacqui says:


    Have you had any problems with pests like cockroaches or ants? I had a worm farm for years in the UK and I’m really keen to get one going here in Perth. The worm tea is an amazing plant food (dilute 1 part to 10 parts water) and the compost produced amazing results in my garden. I only composted non meat leftovers. Any advice? Thanks! đŸ™‚

    1. Hello and thanks for your interest,
      I have added your worm tea comment to my previous worm post here You will get ants and other bugs in your worm farm from time to time with no issues to the worms. I have read that the presence of ants might mean that the tray is a bit dry. I add a bit of water to the trays once a week or so. I also recommend you leave the tap open all of the time so you don’t get drowned worms :). Cheers PK. PS I haven’t seen any cockroaches in the trays yet.

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