Yesterday my patience paid off when I got to harvest my first batch of mushrooms. I got almost 250 g (edit: I got almost 500g in the end of batch 1) and could have harvested a few more. I am leaving them to get bigger and I can already see new ones emerging. When they stop coming I can take the bag out, cut it on the other side, soak it over night and off we go again. See my post Life Cykel Home Grown Mushroom Box Unboxing for more information.

Post harvest pic:



I gave a large paper bag full of them to my mum in exchange for some baby sitting 🙂 and I also had enough left over to add to the green salad we had with some beef steaks for dinner. I just salt and peppered them and sliced them raw. They have an amazingly subtle nutty flavour and really complimented the steaks. Best of all, they had been harvested moments before. There is nothing better! Today I am going to use one of the big ones as a plate for a runny fried egg at lunch.

I thoroughly recommend this product. Check out my other Life Cykel posts here.

Here is a slideshow of the mushrooms’ amazing growth over the past 12 days:

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Thanks again to the guys at Life Cykel for this amazing product,








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