Lemon Pepper And Thyme BBQ Chicken Breast

This Mediterranean styled barbecued chicken recipe is guaranteed to wow your guests.

Slices of lemon (bruised to release their juice), olive oil, thyme and black pepper provide the epic flavours. To seal the deal the lemon slices are placed on the meat as it cooks, keeping it moist.

Want more flavour? Throw in some oregano and rosemary.


You could mix all the ingredients (plus salt and pepper to taste) in a zip lock bag, leaving it to marinade over night.

Here though I have layered the ingredients in a container and then drizzled the resulting stack with lemon juice and a bit of olive oil.

On medium heat, barbecue the breast meat, keeping as much of the other ingredients on the chicken as possible. When you have turned the meat, put the lemon slices back on top so the juices continue to add flavour.

Serving suggestion: Along with chips and a garden salad.



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