Growing Oyster Mushrooms At Home

If you have ever thought about growing your own mushrooms but thought it was too time consuming or difficult, rest assured. I bought an oyster mushroom grow bag from David Proudmore (Swan Valley Gourmet Fungi) when I was at the FarmersMarket: Manning – Perth.

I want to share how easy and fun it was. It is also exceptionally cheap!!

The only problem was working out what to do with all the mushrooms. I had to share a lot of them with my friends and family and see the bottom of the post for recipe ideas. 🙂

Their instruction sheet was simple to follow and the bag was already pinning (showing early signs the fungi was fruiting). They say you should get at least 2 and hopefully 3 blooms or flushes of mushrooms from the same bag.

I cut the bag where indicated and then put it in a plastic tub (no lid) lined with moist newspaper.

This is the first bloom:

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I then changed the newspaper, cut off little bits of failed/stunted pins, put the bag back on and let the kit rest. During this time I didn’t mist but I did keep an eye out for bugs and mould.

So far I had harvest almost 1.3kg of mushrooms from 2 main bouquets and several smaller ones and was looking forward to the next bloom.

oyster day 11
Day 11 – Resting

When on day 21 the bag started pinning again I started misting.

oyster day 21
Second bloom – Day 21

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I will add to this post until the bag is finished and then I will compost it. I will also be posting how you can grow several types of mushroom on coffee grounds. The process starts by placing the bottom part of an mushroom stem in a jar of coffee grounds!




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