FarmersMarket: Manning – Perth

Whilst I love visiting any Farmers Market, this one is my family’s regular Saturday morning destination. We have been going since it opened its doors on the grounds of Clontarf College, Manning, a few years ago.



You will be hard pressed to find a weekend market that has such a wide selection of produce, services and commitment to local producers. This market is so well frequented by people and their furry friends that the organisers put on friendly staff to help you get a good parking spot and provide information. All you have to do is shop and socialise in the beautiful surrounds.

Ample parking and lots of stalls

The stalls are arranged along the perimeter of a long rectangle with seating and the odd stall in the middle.

Furry visitors can go anywhere on a lead and there is even a special eating are reserved for people and their pets. You could even have a snack and a coffee while pooch has a bath :).

Here are just some of the items and services on offer:

  • Fresh produce at great prices and that stays fresh all week because it isn’t sitting in transport or a cool room
  • Food to eat or take home:
    • Gozlemes
    • Homemade pasta
    • Fresh bread
    • Pizza
    • French patisserie treats
    • Coffee
    • Italian food
    • German Bratwurst from Elmars
    • Spit roasts
    • Organic juice bars
    • Burgers
  • Handmade wood art
  • Knife sharpening
  • Dog washing
  • Leather bags
  • Worm farming help and products
  • Organic butchers
  • Cheese makers and goat dairy products
  • Fresh eggs (chicken and goose)
  • Honey
  • Marinated seafood
  • Fishmongers
  • Hot sauces
  • Olives and other marinated produce
  • Plants and seedlings including hard to get native species
  • Live entertainment

Here are some details from the website and then some of my photos:


Clontarf Campus(opposite the Chem Centre)
Curtin University
Map 295 Manning Road, Waterford.

Call us on 0417-188-363

Email us at

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