Homemade Fruit Fly Traps

It is that time of year when the fruit flies are buzzing around my compost bins and worm farms in droves. This is despite me covering the top layer of kitchen scraps in both with a layer of newspaper to reduce the infestation.

So, this year I decided to try making homemade traps. I asked my crack team of little assistants to each make a different trap and then we trialed them out in my shed next to my mushrooms growing crates and with the door closed.

Both trap types consisted of a jar, liquid bait, a method of letting the flies in but not out and an elastic band. My assistants both made traps using cider vinegar and detergent (this stops the flies being able to sit on the liquid indefinitely).

However for the one way entrance, one lad used plastic film with some skewer holes in it, the other a cone made from some scrap paper. I made one of the former myself and put it next to my worm farm.

You can’t see in this photo but after 1 hour they both type of trap had several dead flies in them. Just as well as the competition to see who got the most flies had heated up. 🙂


This is my one in the same time frame but next to the worm farms.


So, both traps work really well. I would say though that the plastic film version holds up better outside if you are expecting rain. If you are careful you can reuse the film again and again. Indoors




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