PK’s NoRecipe Rump Pot Roast

This is another easy peasy slow cooker meal that turned a lovely side rump (eye) cut into a tender braised roast beef. It tasted and smelled amazing and the kids came back for seconds 🙂


I simply browned the rump roast (~600g) in a fry pan before adding to the slow cooker that was on high. I then brought a bunch of vegetables (potatoes, carrots, brown onion, basil, celery sticks, a coriander root) and a good slug of Worcestershire sauce to the boil in 500mls of home-made beef stock until the potatoes had started to soften somewhat.

I added the vegetables and stock to the slow cooker and let it cook for about 4hrs on medium or until the meat is starting to break apart but still moist.

I always try to let the liquid reduce for gravy without letting anything burn. I check every now and then and add water if required.








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