PK Reviews: 16cm Victorinox Swibo Curved Flexible Blade Boning Knife

I have to say that as a home cook, that buys meat in bulk including whole primals, I love this knife. As soon as you hold the handle you can tell it is not a general purpose kitchen knife. The grip, flexible curved blade and sharp point is suited for following the lines of bones and meats’ natural seams.

I am an awful “butcher” but this exceptionally sharp and well designed knife helps me get the job done with minimal wastage.


This is not a paid post. I bought mine online from for $31.95 AUD at my local store.

Product Reviewed:

  • 16cm Victorinox Swibo Curved Flexible Blade Boning Knife

20171005 swibo 16cm


  • Smaller curved blade makes it the perfect partner to its heavier hitting brother the 25cm Victorinox Swibo Rigid Butchers Knife.
  • Tough carbon steel perfect for slicing (Rockwell rating of 56-58).
  • Holds an edge for a long time.
  • Moulded nylon handle that is easy to clean and doesn’t hold meat particles.
  • It comes in a plastic sleeve that I use to store it in.
  • Will last a lifetime if cared for properly.


  • Being a novice and not having anything to compare it too I can’t find any.

The Verdict:

Great product at a very reasonable price. Suitable for commercial environments and home butchery.

I hope this review helps you and feel free to send me any comments if you want to add to it.

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