PK Reviews: Tradeflame 220g Pro Heat Blow Torch Kit

You know how sometime you buy something and wonder how you survived without it to this point? The Tradeflame blow torch range is such a product. I bought the 220g Pro Heat Blow Torch Kit (see this Bunnings link) only to start charcoal chunks in my Weber Barbecue but every time I used it I had a massive smile on my face.

So I decided to see what else I could use it for. I already had a sub-par chef’s torch for cooking and this product blows it away, no pun intended.  The flame’s intensity and amount of air injection can be adjusted so you can pretty much handle any task, small or large.

Here is a list of uses I found after 5 minutes googling:

  • cocktails (not going to do this as I can see me in flames)
  • crisping pork crackling (I have done this)
  • starting charcoal barbecues (best tool ever)
  • shrink wrapping eg. rubber coating your fishing sinkers so they don’t scratch the boat on the way up
  • stripping paint
  • stripping wires
  • making s’mores (whatever they are)
  • browning roast chickens (yep done this one)
Product Reviewed:

Tradeflame 220g Pro Heat Blow Torch Kit

  • The instructions were well laid out, clear and listed all relevant safety information.
  • Auto ignition system.
  • Easy and clearly labelled adjustment for air and flame intensity.
  • Comes with a gas cartridge that lasts well (website says 105 minutes) and the replacements are ~$10 AUD (at time of writing).
  • Consistent flame characteristics at all times unlike my useless chef’s torch that wavers a bit and often needs refuelling mid cooking.
  • Can be used inverted and that is great for BBQ use.

Being a novice and not having anything to compare it too I can’t find any. My main concern was fuel costs but that is not a problem.

The Verdict:

Great product at a reasonable price. Suitable for the budding pit-master that might also only have minimal handy man skills :).

Hope this helps and feel free to send me any comments.


Portable and easy to store:

20170126_butanetorch (6).jpg

Impressive flame quality and length:


Hope this review helps,


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2 comments on “PK Reviews: Tradeflame 220g Pro Heat Blow Torch Kit”
  1. Liz says:

    I’m glad someone liked this product! I bought it yesterday and I found the torch to be faulty as I couldn’t ignite the flame even though I could hear the gas working. So I went back to Bunnings and got an exchange. The new one was tested by a staff member to ensure it would work. I went back home and used it for 5mins before the same thing happened again! I may have been unlucky to get 2 faulty ones in a row. I wonder if anyone else had this issue?

    1. Philip Kindleysides says:

      Oh dear. I have not heard of this happening. Next time get them to show you it working in the store if they dare 🙂

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