25cm Victorinox Swibo Rigid Butchers Knife: PK Reviews

I have to say that as a home cook, that buys meat in bulk including whole primals, I love this knife. As soon as you hold the handle you can tell it is not a general purpose kitchen knife. The grip is suited for slicing thick pieces of meat or through joints and not for slicing vegetables. This makes it excellent for the task it was designed for.

Turn the knife to the vertical hold and you have a knife perfect for following the line of bones and meats’ natural seams. It is rigid but I found it just fine for skinning and removing fat and silver.

I am an awful “butcher” but this exceptionally sharp and well designed knife helps me get the job done with minimal wastage.

This is not a paid post. I bought mine online from http://www.kitchenwarehouse.com.au for $59.99 AUD with free delivery to my local store.

Product Reviewed:

  • 25cm Victorinox Swibo Rigid Butchers Knife


  • Tough carbon steel perfect for slicing (Rockwell rating of 56-58).
  • Holds an edge for a long time.
  • Moulded nylon handle that is easy to clean and doesn’t hold meat particles.
  • Curved end design for following seams.
  • It comes in a plastic sleeve that I use to store it in.


  • Being a novice and not having anything to compare it too I can’t find any

The Verdict:

Great product at a reasonable price. Suitable for commercial environments and home butchery.

I hope this review helps you and feel free to send me any comments if you want to add to it.



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