GoodCritters: Praying Mantis

I have always been fascinated by praying manitses and love seeing them in my garden. I suppose you could also call them BadCritters because they eat GoodCritters if they catch them. However I think they are part of a balanced garden.

Females are larger than the males and are supposedly not good fliers. Both sexes however are masters of ambush. Their large compound eyes, lightning reflexes and rasped front legs make them deadly to their prey, other insects.


Pseudomantis albofimbriata


20170102 praying mantis 1


I try not to use insecticides so it is important for me to try and let nature balance itself out when possible. Just like the presence of frogs in my garden I think these guys are a sign U am doing something right 🙂


As usual keep insecticides and pesticides to a minimum.

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