Happy 1st Birthday

I almost can’t believe it has been a year since my first blog post, PK’s Beef Jerky.

What started out as a mental outlet in the middle of the night (I was up a lot at night after my second child was born) has become a focal point for sharing my passions with all of you.

Highlights from the year:

  • so many helpful comments and tips from readers
  • money raised for charity
  • new friends made
  • loads of excuses to be in the garden all the time (‘…it is for the blog honey’)
  • new dishes tried and munched on
  • bonding with my children over gardening, cooking and fishing
  • spreading the work of other passionate people
  • got in contact with amazing people on Facebook and Instagram.

I guess I just wanted to say thanks to everyone and promise to keep working with you to create exciting content next year. A special thanks to the guest bloggers for doing things I can’t, coming to my house to teach me things and answering a million questions (Ben) on garden pests, composting and chilis :).

I really need to get more catching content to you (fishing mostly) as I have been a bit lax in 2016 there. At the very least this will involve a fish species guide/index and lots of equipment guides and reviews.

Hope to see you before growitcatchitcookit.com turns 2 :),


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