Why Am I Writing This Blog?

Welcome, my name is Philip but everyone calls me PK :).

I find that growing and catching a meal’s ingredients yourself gives you a connection to the meal and hence those you share it with. I found that I wanted to share this message and connect with other people that felt the same, this blog is the result.

What makes me tick?

I especially like learning new techniques and learning what inspires others, it is a humbling experience. I also want to give you an insight into how my passion has developed and to this end I write about people who have inspired me in this post.

Sustainable practices is a relatively new interest for me. I realised late just how lucky I am to live in this amazing country with a such a high quality of life. I now feel a responsibility to consider where my food comes from and not turn a blind eye to transport costs etc.

Cooking for enjoyment rather than as a means to an end has a great way of returning you to the now. I mean that mental place where the future and the past are not at the forefront of your mind. Whilst this is not a blog about mental awareness it is something that is important to me.

Fishing has become one of my driving passions and I have one of my siblings to thank for getting me, albeit very late in the piece, into catching and eating seafood. This has opened up a world of hitherto wasted opportunities! The freshest and most rewarding seafood is that which you catch yourself and I intend to learn as much as I can about fishing sustainably.

I really like to support the little Aussie company where possible. It feels right and you mostly find they will take the time to show you something new. Passion recognises passion :).

So, please post a comment or flick me a link if you want to promote an Australian small business or artisan that inspires you with their passion for cooking, growing, catching or providing advice/services/equipment.

I think we have lots of talented people in our country, so let’s tell everyone 🙂

Lastly, I am on a serious (and very recent) economy drive so expect to see lots of posts with money saving tips and tricks :).

Please follow me on this journey as I share recipes, review equipment and techniques, and look for inspiration.

Look forward to hearing from you via the blog, Facebook or email ( growitcatchitcookit@iinet.net.au).




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