I love Potato and Bacon soup and make it in large batches primarily for a mid morning work snack. This saves me lots of money and I know I am eating healthily. The only salt is from the bacon and the salted margarine/butter blend.

I add a few additional fresh ingredients to suit what is growing in my kitchen garden at the time. Below I added lots of chives as I have an excess at the moment.

The basic idea though is that you sauté onion, bacon and potato in butter or olive oil until they are parboiled. You then add your liquid of choice to cover everything and bring to the boil. Then leave it simmering until the potatoes are cooked. You can leave it chunky but I generally blend it at this point and add a bit of milk to the portion I am not freezing.

Hot Tip: If you are blending it and the result is too thick, add very small amounts of boiling water, stir and then taste again. I do this until I get a balance between taste and consistency.

Below I used some of my home-made chicken stock that I made using bones from a roast chicken I did in my Weber charcoal BBQ (not my slow cooker version). This stock imparted a beautiful smokey flavour.

Sweat the vegetables:

20170204_potato bacon soup (8).jpg

Add liquid to cover, boil and then simmer until potatoes are cooked:

20170204_potato bacon soup (10).jpg

Blend and serve:

20170204_potato bacon soup (20).jpg


Hope you like it,



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