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Weber has been around since the 1950’s and we have seen the shape change ever so slightly over the years, with each new model keeping the “round” kettle shape.

In 2004 a new model (and shape) was released, known as the “Weber Q” Series. A couple of years later, a “Weber Q Baby” was released, and it’s as it sounds, a smaller version of the Weber Q.

Here are the differences  – the Baby Q is on the right:


I acquired the Baby Q Q1000 from Myer when they had a special on a few weeks back for $289, normally they are around the $320-$330 price range. The Baby Q was purchased for camping mainly, and events where a small BBQ would come in handy. My old man has a Q2000 (The big guy) and it’s a great BBQ to use, whether it be for smoking meats, or just simply grilling them.

Once it was home it was an easy assembly, you  just need a Philips Screw Driver. The new grill and flat plate, being cast iron, was then lightly oiled with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and then with low heat, was left running for 15 minutes, to burn the new BBQ in. Once this was completed, a quick wipe down and it was boxed back up.

If you purchase one of these, based on this or any other review, the Baby Q only comes with the grill on each side, and I would recommend getting the flat plate for the right hand side (around $60) as its definitely worth having a flat plate!

It uses a normal LPG gas bottle, with the POL fitting. BCF sells a 4kg bottle which is more than enough gas for a week away, with it being used for dinner and breakfast.

For those who wish to be prepared, it would be about 30-45mins a day burn time, 5 days total usage and we have about 2kg left of the 4kg of GAS we left with.

A week ago, my partner and I left for Bremer Bay and Albany. A week later and we absolutely LOVE the Baby Q and it’s the perfect size for portability!  We cooked multiple types of food, being: bacon, eggs, toast, tomatoes, burgers, steak, corn and chorizo sausage.

gas bottle.jpg


Like with any review, there are a few things worth noting that would make the unit better.

I also have a few tips that will help you get the most out of your Baby Q:

  1. The hose requires a bit of stretching. It took a couple of days cooking to get the LPG hose to the right movability to connect to the gas bottle.
  2. A hook to hang your cooking utensils on would be welcomed. This is an easy fix by getting the stand. Depending on size of course!
  3. Get a couple of spare drip tray’s, or have some spare alfoil (aluminum foil) around. We used the alfoil to make a drip tray and it worked just as good as the Weber branded ones.
  4. Keep the lid down while cooking, there is a lot of heat loss when it’s up. Remember it’s more like a portable oven than a BBQ.
  5. When you have finished with it, wash it and keep it clean. A well cleaned BBQ is easier to cook with and will produce a better taste. Also ensure a light oil coating is applied before storing it away long team to protect from rust on the Cast Iron.

Would I recommend this?



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