Air Fryer Pork Belly With Perfect Crackling

An air fryer makes for super easy pork belly in 20 minutes.

The secret is to leave the pork belly uncovered (and unseasoned) in the fridge overnight. This will reduce the fat’s moisture content and that leads to crispy crispy crackling.


Lay a strip of pork belly fat side down. Roll the bottom of the strip up and over to get a roll.

Note: if the fat was not scored by your butcher, do that first with a sharp knife.

You could tie the roll with butchers string or simply pin it with bamboo skewers like I have below.

Season with salt and pepper and then pop the rolled pork belly into your air fryer, fat side up, for 20 minutes. If the crackling is not crispy, give it another 5 minutes cooking time.

Check out the rock hard crackling:



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