Australian Lamb Cutlets With Potato Puree And Balsamic Mint Sauce

Although they cost a small fortune, I find french cutlets simply irresistibile. Dave’s Mint And Balsamic Dipping Sauce makes this even more so. A match made in heaven!

Normally I make the sauce and give each person a small bowl to dip the lamb in, that is how Dave does it. 🙂

Here though, I served the sauce (reduced to a syrup) with steamed vegetables and a creamy french style potato puree bed for the cutlets.  


  • Lamb cutlets, frenched (~4 per adult)
  • Steamed vegetables
  • Potato puree
    • 200g mashed potatoes
    • 50g or more butter
    • milk, to get the right consistency
    • salt and pepper to taste
  • Dave’s Mint And Balsamic Dipping Sauce, enough for each person

I like to get the lamb out of the fridge in advance so that it is getting to room temperature just as it goes on the pan or barbeque. Use a bit of common sense as to how early you bring it out. 

Start by boiling peeled potatoes and mash them as you normally would. When the mash has cooled somewhat add the potatoes, butter and a splash of milk into a blender. Give it a quick blitz and check the consistency, adding small amounts of extra milk as you repeat the process until you are happy. It should stay warm while you steam the vegetables and grill the lamb.


Go to town. My only advice is to try not eating all the cutlets as you cook them. 🙂




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