Refillable Cooking Oil Sprayers

I recently bought a refillable cooking oil sprayer. 
Yes it is made out of plastic. Yes we all hate plastic but please hear me out. 🙂

I bought it because:

  • I get to control the quality and source of the oil 
  • My one off hard plastic cost has reduced my consumption of soft plastic, metals, propellants and food transport miles going forward
  • I buy my cooking oil in bulk metal cans (rather than lots of plastic or glass containers) to further reduce my use of soft plastics and other precious resources;
  • My costs for cooking oil are therefore also reduced.

The questions I think we should ask of our kitchen kit is:

  1. Does it work as intended?
  2. Is it really necessary?
  3. Is it easy to clean?

What does it do?

The oil sprayer (mine is made by Decor) sprays a fine mist of cooking oil. Spraying oil is perfect for lightly coating cooking surfaces and food.


Easily refilled with your choice of oil:


The one I bought sprays a list mist of oil with every pump and rarely needs maintenance/cleaning. The pump mechanism and the bottle itself feel well made.

I think it is a neat bit of kitchen kit and am very happy that it reduces my dependance on disposal spray cans. 



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