BBQ Grill Mesh Mat Review

I love my Weber Q 2000 but it doesn’t have a hot plate. That means I can’t cook cubed/diced meat easily. 

I was making little tin foil trays as a work around but that is wasteful. Also they don’t let the fat drain away very well. 


There are a range of reusable, washable BBQ grill mats that solve the problem. They are non stick, washable and can even be cut to size. They are particularly great for meat like lamb where you really need the fat to render away.

Now with my Weber Trivet that lets me do roasts, my barbie is complete. 


Here I am barbecuing some marinated chicken pieces.




Oh that mat is dirty!

No problem. Simply pop it in the dishwasher or wash it with the rest of your dishes.


Marked but clean and hygienic.




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