ReuseRecover: Jam Jar Screw Containers

My father in law put me onto this great tip. Using jam jars and the like to store nuts, bolts etc etc in your shed this way has so many benefits.

Not only do you get to give a second life to a single life container (albeit a recyclable one) but you also make use of the underside of your shed shelves. Every shed owner wants more storage :).

Simply wash your jar, drill two holes through the lid and into the bottom of the shelf. Use short screws to attach the lid and hey presto you have a new storage container.


  1. The holes in the lid should be spaced apart and not in the center so that the lid doesn’t spin when you try and twist the jar off to get to the contents.
  2. Leave enough room between jars to allow you to see the jars several rows behind. I even alternated the alignment of my rows to improve visibility.
  3. Put often used items in the first row and less used in the rear rows.



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