Kat’s Ladybird Cupcakes

To satisfy her latest favourite thing, I decided to make ladybird cupcakes for daughter’s 2nd birthday cake (cup cakes rather than one big cake to allow for mistakes!). Red velvet cupcakes seemed fitting and I’m afraid I used a box mix as I can only concentrate on one thing at a time, decorating or baking.


To make the ladybirds I used pre-made coloured fondant icing and rolled out with lots of icing sugar – that stuff is sticky! I used a circular pastry cutter roughly the same size as the top of the patty pans to cut red circles and the black shapes for the ladybird heads.


After sticking the heads on the bodies using some water, I cleaned the off the icing sugar with a slightly damp soft cloth. I drew the line down the middle of body with and knife and made the black spots by rolling small balls of icing, flattening them and sticking them on with a little water.


I used white and dark chocolate squeezy icing to make the eyes and the mouths.


Once the cupcakes were baked, I cut off the top with a knife to make a flat surface and covered to edge of the patty pans with cream cheese icing and placed the ladybirds on top.


Et voilà,


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  1. cute cake like a cow. do you have one that looks like a goat?

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