PK’s Thrifty Soft Wraps

My family loves any meal where you prepare fillings in advance and then you build your own meal as you go. I have posted about our tacos, nachos, tasting plates and now……soft wraps :).

Here we have leftover roast chicken, char-grilled corn, boiled eggs, cheddar cheese and coriander plus leafy vegetables from my kitchen garden:


Simply plonk a bit of your chosen fillings mix in the top middle part of a circular soft wrap/tortilla. Then fold the left side over, then the right back over and then fold the bottom of the wrap up.

Here are a few examples:

You get bonus points for:

  • using leftovers.
  • using produce from the garden.
  • visual treats like the char-grilled corn.
  • making your own dips or sauces such as a mix of sour creme, coriander and lime juice.

If there is anything left you can make a lunch out of it the next day.



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