Deep Fried Whole Prawn Wanton Wraps

I bet you find these tasty fresh prawns, wrapped in wanton sheets and twice deep fried, a real crowd-pleaser. Despite looking very hands on, they are actually easy to make.


De-vein and shell your favourite medium sized prawns. Leave the very last tail segment on for visual appeal.

Then place each prawn diagonally on a square wanton sheet. Note that the tail end is pointing to the bottom left. Sprinkle a bit of water on the wanton sheet and roll the bottom right up toward the top left, rolling the prawn with it. Try and keep everything tight.

Use a bit more water to seal the pillow and then very lightly dust with corn flour. This will help the wanton stay together. 

Bring enough oil to deep fry the prawns to 180c.

Add the prawns and cook until they are a light golden colour. Bring them out and drain out the surface oil.

Then fry the prawns again until golden brown.

Moist prawns on the inside but with an epic crunch:


Serve with a selection of dipping sauces. That is if you haven’t eaten them all yourself 🙂



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