Chive And Garlic Oil Seasoning

Chive oil is a great way to add a zing to a wide range of dishes. 

It is so easy to make and extends the life of your fresh chives for weeks in the fridge.  See how below 🙂



Take a good handful of chives, wash them and pat dry.  Now add them to a blender with your choice and quantity of oil. I used mostly pure olive oil with a splash of garlic infused olive oil.


I went for this ratio to get a real kick. 


You can use it straight away and store the rest it in the fridge.

Here is a little tip if you are using the oil where you don’t want to add extra water. Wait for the paste to separate (see left picute below) and then scoop the tiny fraction of water that will rise to the top. Then shake and you are good to go  for salads , toasted sandwiches and the like.


It might be easier listing  where this paste can’t be used 🙂

However here  are some of my favourite uses:

  • drizzled on pizzas, toasted sandwiches etc
  • mixed through pasta and noodles
  • on cheese platters
  • a dipping sauce for spring rolls, chicken wings, wontons ….
  • drizzled on salads



Here are some more cooking ingredients and and a range of my favourite sauces: 

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