What Does The Cooking Term Maceration Mean?

Maceration is the technique of soaking fruit or vegetables in a liquid. This liquid is  often their own juices that are drawn out using salt and or sugar.   The  goal  of maceration is to enhance flavour, improve texture and aid in digestion.

A good  example is Friggione, an Italian slow cooked tomato and onion relish where the onions are macerated for 4 hours. The drawn out water is retained in the dish for flavour and the onions take on a creamy texture  when cooked.


You can also use  this technique on vegetables that have a high water content such as egg plant or cabbage. Cooking these types of vegetable can make them become a soggy mess. 

Macerating cabbage for  30 minutes is great for salads  too.


Use a colander with a bowl underneath to catch the juice. Sprinkle some salt and sugar on the cabbage. 20200919_170518


Discard the water that is extracted.20200920_075243

Rinse the cabbage and pat dry to get  nice crispy shreds with an enhanced flavour.20200920_075231



Here are some more cooking techniques:

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