Soga Citrus Lever Hand Press Review

As usual around this time of year I am drowning in lemons, limes and oranges.  A great problem to have!

Apart from eating them fresh you  can do so much with them.  Making  jars of preserved citrus,  drying slices of them and  making home-made salad dressings are just a few examples. I have many more here

Best of all is making fresh juice and lemonades.  I’ve had a variety of presses and  juices over the years but they are either hard work and  or messy. So this year I bought a Soga hand operated lever press that makes short work of any citrus glut. I am not endorsed to say this  but I love it because it doesn’t use electricity, is not made from plastic and actually cleans up as easily as advertised. 


The unit is well made and  has a nice heavy stable base. The lever action is  powerful, you  don’t even need to cut the larger fruit into pieces. 

Just look at how much juice was extracted from this lemon: 


It breaks down easily for cleaning. The metal  sieves wash up easily in soapy water and I wipe the rest of the press down with a wet cloth.

So, any negatives?

I  am keeping an eye on the bolts that hold the lever in place. I noticed a bit of surface rust after a few months. So I am protecting them with a bit of olive oil after each use.

At the end of the day though I feel  that I have tried everything else including electrical cold press juicers but I prefer my hand press for a steady supply of cold juice.


I hope my review helps you,


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