How To Make Boiled Eggs With A Steamer

I recently stumbled across this method of making boiled eggs when searching online for egg recipes.

It is pretty handy if you have to make soft boiled and hard boiled eggs for the same meal. If everyone wants the same amount of ‘doneness’ I would recommend using KT’s Dippy Eggs and Soldiers or PK’s Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs instead.

Simply add water to your strainer and bring to a medium boil. You will have to experiment with your steamer, the amount of water and heat to work out the exact times to get different yolk hardness.




Last time, I used a medium boil for 6 minutes to get the one egg perfect for dipping soldiers into:


I left one egg in for an additional 5 minutes to get a hard boiled egg.




Here are some more eggs recipies and tasting plate ideas: 

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3 comments on “How To Make Boiled Eggs With A Steamer”
  1. Yum!!!! I LOVE hard boiled eggs PK. They are so healthy and perfect for on the go snack!

    1. Philip Kindleysides says:

      Me too 🙂 and the fam all like their yokes differently. This method is such a time saver. Love you egg salad btw.

      1. Of course they all do!! Haha keeping you on your toes!! Thanks PK, great mind’s think alike!

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