5L Demijohn

A demijohn is a large glass flagon that is stoppered with a rubber or plastic bung and an airlock. They are used in the alcoholic fermentation of fruit and the like. They are also called carboys and come in a range of sizes.

My one has an old school  s-type air bubble lock that after inserting in the bung I simply fill with boiling water (you only have to do this once) to keep every hygienic and the bugs out 🙂 . As the fermentation process slows, the pressure on the airlock reduces and a nice layer of carbon dioxide forms, in the demijohn, to preserve the contents.

I use it to make my hard apple ciders and ginger beers in larger quantities.


Full of freshly squeezed granny smith apple juice

Tip: Never fill a cold glass vessel with boiling water without warming it in a bath of hot water from the tap. It will crack otherwise.




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