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BadCritters: Tiger Moth Caterpillar

The caterpillar of this BadCritter will munch your salad greens just as happily as your non-edibles. Their hairy bodies have given them the nickname ‘woolly bears’.

I picked the caterpillar below of my snow pea plants and after its photo shoot it got dispatched 🙂 .

Bit of a shame as they are amazing to watch and the moth is attractive too.

Species: Ardices glatignyi


Eggs are laid on the underside of leaves Source: Toby Hudson (Wikimedia Commons)



Source: Toby Hudson (Wikimedia Commons)


The caterpillars are voracious munchers of many trees, shrubs and vegetables found in the home garden.


Visual inspection of the top and bottom of leaves and removing any caterpillars is generally sufficient. You can buy traps and insecticides but I have never needed to use them.

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