Gravy And Fat Separator Review

I was given this OXO fat separator recently by a friend. 

I accepted it in part because I love new kitchen kit. The main reason though is that while I try not to buy unnecessary plastic, I hate plastic being thrown out or wasted even more. 

The two questions I think we should ask of our kitchen kit is:

  1. Does it work as intended?
  2. Is it easy to clean?

What does it do?

The jug is designed to take the meat juices from the bottom of your roasting pan so you can make homemade gravy.


You don’t want all that fat though!


That is where the jug comes in. As you pour the meat juices out the fat is left in the jug because the opening to the spout is at the bottom.



You are left with fat free juices that you can thicken into a hearty gravy by whisking in some cornflour. 


Happy sigh.


The cleanup

Cleanup is a breeze. Simply wash in warm soapy water or in the dishwasher.



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One comment on “Gravy And Fat Separator Review”
  1. Seems super handy! I don’t have this item, but I have a few things from OXO and they seem like a reliable brand

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