Ben’s Magic BBQ Sauce

So here is the yummy barbecue sauce that goes with Ben’s Magic Chicken Dry Rub. It is enticingly tangy and smokey and you can use it as a basting sauce or add it to meat and vegetables as you eat. Ben recommends making it in small batches only so it retains its punch :).

All you have to do is add to a pot:

  1. Two good dollops of tomato sauce.
  2. A not quite as good dollop of chilli sauce (I use my home-made one, which is a smoky chipotle style).
  3. A big splash of Worcestershire sauce.
  4. About 2 Tbsp of brown sugar.
  5. A small dollop of molasses.
  6. One drop of liquid smoke.
  7. Salt or soy sauce to taste.
  8. A large dash of Ben’s Magic Chicken Dry Rub.

Heat until it boils, is well mixed/dissolved and smelling amazing.

ben bbq sauce



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