Why Am I Writing This Blog? More About Me.

Welcome, my name is Philip but everyone calls me PK 🙂

Growing and catching a meal’s ingredients yourself gives you a special connection to those you share it with.

But why exactly?

You get to be Outdoors

Many of us spend too long in our stuffy offices, driving in peak hour traffic or stuck on the couch using phones and tablets.

Your edible crops will get you outside into the sunlight and the fresh air plus being amongst all that greenery is a special trigger for our happiness. The colors blue and green are our favourite and it is suggested that the stress relieving properties of these colors derive from our forest, river and ocean-side living origins.

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Food Connection

I find that cooking with ingredients you grew or caught yourself, gives you a greater connection to the finished meal. Your efforts in the garden will be rewarded with fresh ingredients that look and smell amazing. You will find yourself enjoying putting them to the best use. This enjoyment and connection is multiplied when you share these special meals and conversations with your friends, family and the wider community of like-minded people.


Growing and catching your own food is great for the environment. Doing so significantly reduces the amount of fossil fuels required to get vegetables and meat from the ‘paddock’ to your plate. Your home harvests simply need cutting, a quick rinse and they are ready for use.

Because of our city living, we are often eating food that was commercially grown, transported a great distance and packaged in plastic for our convenience.  Home grown food is one way to reverse this trend. You can go even further by composting, worm farming and companion planting (planting plants high in natural insecticides or those that encourage good bugs to visit thereby lowering the need for man-made fertilisers and insecticides.

Nutritional Variety

Home growing offers a wide variety of seasonal fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices. Compared to what is available in a modern supermarket, the human body expects a fresher and broader range of unprocessed food. The variety of your home-grown harvest will not just impress your taste-buds but your body will be getting a greater range of nutrients making for a happier healthier you.


Just like with any passion and interest, every day brings something new and bit by bit you learn more and more from the environment and those who share your passion.

Social Connection

I recently became dedicated to grow and sustainably catch as much fresh ingredients as my small family needs. I live on a small urban block in Western Australia and adore sharing my experiences in the hope they inspire others.

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  1. Best wishes with your blog.

    1. Thanks. Back at you 😀

  2. jess__living says:

    Wishing you the best food journey!

    1. Thanks mate 🙂

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