February: GICIC’s Perth Gardening Guide

This is my personal growing calendar for Perth conditions during the month of February. I will talk about local conditions, what worked as expected and what didn’t.  🙂 🙂

Perth Generally


With an average maximum temperature of 32 degrees Celsius and the second lowest average rainfall of the year, February is hot and dry. Very challenging conditions considering the fierce sun and watering restrictions.

I Plant:

I still think it is too hot to plant much but see the journals below for what nurseries are selling.

I’ll Harvest:
  • chilis
  • citrus.
  • English  and Asian greens e.g. choy sum
  • Spray with Dipel and pyrethrum. Add more wetta-soil to areas experiencing run off and where you want plants to put down deeper roots. Add nitrogen and potassium to fruiting plants. Sparing add the same to your lawn for the last time of summer.
  • Give herb gardens a good trim.
  • Check for caterpillar damage.
  • Move pots around if they need more or less shade.
I Don’t:

Harvest any asparagus. This is why 🙂

20170119 providore asparagus



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I think the garden is really benefiting from heavy rain we had late January. It has been a windy, mild summer.


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Nursery seedlings (that caught the eye):
  • Coriander