Alfalfa Sprouts

I love growing these little sprouts and use them with other sprouts in salads whenever I can. They are especially favoured in certain regions of India. I don’t grow them as a plant but they have attractive foliage and the flowers attract those most welcome of visitors, bees.

When planted for animal feed it tends to be known as as Lucerne, especially in Australia.


Very mild taste and it is more for the texture that I add them to dishes and salads. They smell healthy :).


20161103_194328 alfalfa.jpg


Left to germinate and grow into a mature plant, Alfalfa look like this:


Sprouting Months:

  • All


Germination time is about a day in a sprouter so you should put a new batch in accordingly if you want to keep them available.

As a plant they are great nitrogen fixers so till the roots back into the soil when rotating your plantings.

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