This post is now a summary of 12 posts I made for Father’s Day 2016 🙂

I really enjoyed doing it and if I do another 12 days post you will find it here.

Day 12 Breakfast In Bed : 12 Days of Father’s Day

Day 12. Thanks for staying with me.

I am going to finish with something that I think every dad will want.

Breakfast in bed and permission to stay in bed all Sunday morning.

Burnt toast optional but make mine a full English🙂


Day 11 Pick Your Own Strawberries : 12 Days of Father’s Day

Day 11 and I almost forgot about the dad that just wants to spend time with the family on Father’s Day.

So why don’t you take him and the rest of the tribe to the Bullsbrook Strawberry Farm to pick your own strawberries? It is a great time picking and then you get to work out what to make with all the yummy strawberries. Making home made conserve whilst munching on fresh strawberries as you go perhaps.

They are located only 40 minutes from Perth and the season (weather permitting) is September to December.

Here is their website and facebook page.

I might even see you there one Sunday.

Day 10 BBQ Temperature Probe : 12 Days of Father’s Day

Day 10 people! Almost there🙂

I have another barbecue related gift idea. I have gone from never testing the internal temperature of my roasts to a card carrying convert almost overnight. I also used to commit the terrible sin of not resting the meat before carving. The shame🙂

This transformation was brought about via my acquisition of a charcoal Weber. Now my Maverick ET-733 Smoker Thermometer is the most important piece of kit in my cooking arsenal. The unit consists of a transmitter that sits on or next to the BBQ and a wireless receiver that you can put anywhere within a 90m distance.

The transmitter has ports for 2 temperature probes. One goes into the meat and the other can be attached to the grilling rack via the supplied clips. The probes themselves are easy to clean and their wire is pretty tough.



The receiver can then be setup to monitor the BBQ temperature and also set for a high and low temperature alarm for different types of meat. In this example you can see it set for beef and also the handy backlit setting.

Both units run on triple A batteries and they are exceedingly power efficient. I haven’t had to change the batteries they came with. I needed to open the transceiver so I could write this part of the post🙂.


I got my unit from Chris at Urban Griller. Please check out his website (here).

Day 9 Worm Farms : 12 Days of Father’s Day

Hi all,

If your dad doesn’t have a worm farm or two in the backyard, you have the perfect gift idea right there. I have two Tumbleweed 2 Tier Can-O-Worms Composters that I bought from Bunnings in 2016.

Please see my my other worm posts here where I wax lyrical about their benefits to the environment and your garden.

PK’s compost corner:


Wait PK, my dad already has a worm farm!

Ok then you might want to help him take his worm knowledge to the next level. For that I recommend he goes and sees Kim Frank. He runs Sustainability Assets Management (SAM) and what he doesn’t know about worm farms and waste management in general is not worth knowing.

He will turn your dad into a walking talking worm farm guru🙂.


Day 8 Twisty Ties : 12 Days of Father’s Day

Day 8 already. That means there are only 8 sleeps left till Father’s Day.

If your dad is an avid gardener I bet he will appreciate even the simplest of handy gifts. There are lots of ways to attach trees, seedlings and the like to stakes or trellises but I like to use soft rubber twisty ties.

They are strong but give a little to accommodate plant growth or movement in the wind. Best of all they last forever and can be reused again and again.

They normally come in a long length wrapped around a central card and you just cut off what you need as you go.

This is an example from Bunnings.


If you are feeling really generous you could get him a bunch of bamboo stakes or sustainably sourced wooden stakes too.



Day 7 Yates Garden Guide : 12 Days of Father’s Day

Day 7, wow!

Back into gardening mode. If your dad is one of the rare Australians that has never heard of the Yates Garden Guide he is in for a treat. I was given my first one over 20 years ago and still go back to it whenever I plant a new species or need to work out why my plants are not thriving.

yates.JPGFrom their website:

There are useful problem-solving charts to help you identify and deal with pests and diseases, and chapters on planning and preparing a range of styles, from enticing entertainment spaces to organic, low-allergen and water-saving gardens.
Read more at 

They have sold over 7 million copies and are in their 44th edition. Perhaps I should upgrade🙂.



Day 6 Man Sized BCF Voucher : 12 Days of Father’s Day

Day 6 and I am continuing on my Catch It bent. If you know what your dad’s tackle box is missing you could take a punt and buy it. I reckon dad would love the chance to buy it himself though🙂.

I love going to BCF almost as much as I love Bunnings, a trip to either is a present in itself.

So go and get him a man-sized gift card from BCF.




Day 5 Skippers Ticket: 12 Days of Father’s Day

Day 5 and I hope you didn’t think I had forgotten the ‘Catch It’ part of the blog🙂

In Perth, Western Australia (well Australia in general) we are blessed with an amazing marine environment that is well managed. The best way to access it is via a boat and if your dad doesn’t have his skippers ticket, this gift idea is the ideal solution.

The great team at the Perth Boat School ( operates in all Australian states and puts safety and integrity above everything else. They work closely with state governments to ensure that boat safety is being given it proper dues.

They will even come to your boat ramp of choice! How convenient is that?

Day 4 Kuvings Cold Press Juicer:

Day 4 and I am turning to a more expensive gift idea. Maybe your family could get together and buy a joint gift🙂. One of my friends even suggested using Qantas Frequent Flyer points to get one, what a cool tip.

The B6000 WHOLE Slow Juicer from Kuvings ( is an amazing piece of kitchen kit. I recently borrowed one to make some hard cider (PK’s Adults Only Hard Cider) and was amazed how easy it was to use and, more importantly, clean. The Kuvings website has some cleaning tips and I would add that the most important thing you should do is an immediate rinsing after use.

I thought I knew what fresh juice tasted like, I was wrong🙂.

Put together and ready to juice:


It is very easy to assemble thanks to the red dot alignment cues:

Make sure this part is pressed in during use and well rinsed after use:


Operation is a breeze:

Nothing is wasted:


I can’t spruik this product enough,

Day 3 BBQ Lessons:

Day 3 and my mind has turned to cooking, again🙂.

What food loving dad doesn’t love their barbecue? Some of us dads could use a few lessons to get inside tips on the basics. Some of us might want to take cooking on the BBQ to the next level. [Massive hint here to my family]

So why don’t you enroll your dad in one of Urban Griller’s ‘Introduction to Barbecue’ course? The course looks amazing and great value at $350 AUD (at time of writing).

From their website:

The Introduction to Barbecue course is a full day class, beginning at 9:00 am and finishing sometime just after 4:00 pm each day. The pace is quite relentless, we don’t stop for formal breaks like lunch or anything, there is never a time when we are not cooking food. You get the days tuition, more food than you can eat, email and mobile phone access to me in case you need it, a copy of my BBQ School Cookbook, a digital temperature probe as well as quick reference fact sheets.

BBQ School is a fast paced day of cooking, tasting and jokes, you will never look at your BBQ the same way again. This is not a class teaching how to make pretty little things on sticks and colourful sauces, this is serious, take no prisoners real BBQ! This class will make you a hero in your own backyard.


Looks like fun.

Day 2 Mushrooms:

Give a dad a mushroom and he can eat for a day, give a dad a Life Cykel Mushroom Box from the great fellas at Life Cykel and he can eat for many days🙂.

Wait a second, that is a great Father’s Day idea!


If you haven’t heard of them or read my blog posts where I reviewed their products, see here.

From their website (I love their ethos):

Life Cykel was created from the passion of two young friends in Perth, Ryan and Julian whose common motive is to empower us towards a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. The boys discovered that you can grow gourmet oyster mushrooms from coffee waste and after months of experiments coupled with educating their minds on mycology (study of mushrooms), Australia’s first urban mushroom farm in Fremantle was born! They believe the future of food for the sake of individual and planetary health is unprocessed, grown locally, sustainable and connecting people to nature.

You can order here and tell them Grow It, Catch It, Cook It sent you🙂.

Day 1 Food Charity:

Wow it is almost that time of year again in Australia. The first Sunday in September is Father’s Day and dads all around Australia get their special day and hopefully some loot :).

What do you get a dad that likes to grow it, cook it and catch it though?

I have put together a list of ideas for you and will post one per day over the next 12 days.

I am going to start with a gift for someone else on behalf of your dad.

Annually the team at Manna (  make and distribute to the homeless and struggling people of Perth:

  • 90,000 soups with a bread roll
  • 90,000 hot main meals
  • 90,000 desserts

They also provide a school breakfast program and a winter uniform program and demand is ever growing.

From their website:

We believe that by nourishing the homeless and the vulnerable in a non-judgemental and compassionate way, we give hope, raise awareness about poverty and provide better outcomes for the wider community.

If you are looking for a gift idea this year for the dad that has everything, please consider making a donation to Manna or any other food charity. This way, others less fortunate can enjoy the connection that comes with breaking bread with someone.


Twitter: @MannaPerth

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