Inspirational People

These are some of the people that have inspired me to write this blog and to engage with you. Many of the entries will be people who inspired me as a child, even though I might not have realised. Their interests became mine in part and they range from cooking to science and appreciation of the natural world.

In short they helped me realise who I am.

Keith Floyd

Why: pioneering, entertaining, locations, irreverent


I grew up watching this man in the era before Reality TV and celebrity chefs. He was an unashamed lush, that had a great banter with the camera man, director and viewer alike.

I’ll try and post some of his recipes and do him proud. He pops into my head every time a meal needs red wine as an ingredient.

Indeed, wikipedia states ‘He became well known for cooking with a glass of wine in one hand, often in unusual locations such as a fishing boat in rough seas. He was regarded as a pioneer of taking cooking programmes out of the studio. The chef went on to present his shows from around the world, cooking on location in his unique chaotic style.’ (


Peter Russell Clarke

Why: pioneering, scientific, proudly Australian, entertaining, locations, irreverent


Peter Russell Clarke is a national treasure to the many Australians that watched his cooking show that ran on the ABC for 9 years. He inspired many of us to eat healthily and buy ‘Australian made’ before these were even things. He must have really gotten through to me because I “saw” him on the way to the operating theatre when I had an operation as a young boy.

They must have given me some great drugs because I also “saw” what I thought was his twin brother (Peter had done a Coon Cheese advert with some trick photography showing him talking to himself, dressed differently, about the cheese in the same shot).

They both wished me luck 🙂

One of the things I love about cooking is the chemical reactions between ingredients and how that determines the order of the cooking steps. I think got that in part from Peter as he would explain why certain reactions between the ingredients took place and why these were or were not desirable.

I think this video
(the recipe starts about 3:00) is indicative of his style.

Ian Parmenter

Why: entertaining, passion, supporter of local producers, loves wine


Another debt of gratitude goes to Ian Parmenter. I am proud to say that during my high school years I copped lots of flack, for liking this man, from my school friends. They laughed about his hair, the way he spoke and the way he was absolutely bonkers about making good food with local produce whilst having ‘some’ wine . Everything I liked about him. I am noticing a pattern here :).

He must of been doing something right as they all new him and must have watched his ABC show (450 epsiodes!) as it was on just as we all got home in the 1990s.

Here is a perfect example of his show on YouTube, Consuming Passions.

He is still actively promoting Western Australia world-wide from what I can tell and has a strong online following. Perhaps this is because of his humble attitude to his celebrity status. I read this morning that his passion for food is infectious. Very very true.

Chris Girvan-Brown

Why: helpful, is the real deal, knowledgeable, passionate


I had been using my newly acquired charcoal Weber kettle BBQ a lot recently and quite frankly struggling. I have never cooked with charcoal before so I wanted to share a life line with you if you are having similar issues. Perhaps you are a BBQ ninja but want to go to the next level.

Well don’t read GrowitCatchitCookit for advice🙂, go and see Chris Girvan at Urban Griller in Bibra Lake (a suburb in Perth, Western Australia) instead. The man is a walking font of knowledge all things BBQ and for that matter cooking too. Urban Griller is more than a blog and online store where you can buy everything BBQ related. Chris also gives classes where he imparts what he knows.

I haven’t met him in person but I have bought from his store (my reviews will eventually be here). What impressed me the most though is that I have subsequently asked him the odd question (via email) about my Weber and he always responds. Now that is passion and customer service in a nutshell.

I dare you to visit his site and not want to fire up your own BBQ. It is not a website that is safe for work unless your company has very flexible work hours :).





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